Who are we?

Our P&C Executives for 2015 are:


President:           Mr Russell Krampe

Vice-President:    Mrs Fiona Lochrie & Ms Kirsty Shepherd

Secretary:           Mrs Prue Gray

Treasurer:           Ms Deb Crealy

The main objectives of the P&C are to promote the interests of our school by bringing parents, teaching staff, citizens and students into close co-operation; to assist with our school's development and improvement and most importantly, to promote the welfare and education of our students.

Some of the contributions the P&C has made to our school include:

  • Promoting and running a healthy canteen

  • Purchasing new dictionaries for K -2 students

  • Purchasing new atlases K-6

  • Buying new books for the library

  • purchasing hats for each student

  • Subsidising excursions to Canberra and Dorroughby and the cost of Healthy Harold

  • funding bus travel for swimming scheme

The P&C is open to the whole community. Please come along to our next meeting and get involved in our very successful and enthusiastic TEAM.